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Berkshires Jazz

The Pittsfield CityJazz Festival was formed in 2005 to present mainstream and traditional jazz in a downtown setting (Pittsfield, MA).

New Black Eagle Jazz Band

Since 1971 the New Black Eagle Jazz Band has toured the world performing traditional New Orleans style Jazz with a light eclectic blend of music from the earliest Dixieland to the beginning of the 1930’s Dance Band era.

Michael Benedict

Michael Benedict was born and raised in Rome, NY. He started playing the drums at age 10 and was performing professionally by age 15.

Fawzi Chekili (Tunisia)

A Tunisian jazz guitarist, Fawzi Chekili also plays the piano and the oud.

Fawzi Chekili, guitariste de jazz tunisien, joue du piano et du oud.

Mehdi Azaiez (Tunisia)

Guitarist, composer, was born and raised in Tunis, he started the guitar as a self-taught at 15, playing blues and Rock.

Guitariste, compositeur, est né et a grandi à Tunis, il commence la guitare en autodidacte à 15 ans, en jouant du blues et du Rock.

Yacine Boulares (France and Tunisia)

Yacine Boulares is a French-Tunisian saxophonist and composer based in Brooklyn.

Yacine Boulares est un saxophoniste et compositeur franco-tunisien basé à Brooklyn.

De Witte Jazz At The Club

Jazz at the Club is an initiative of a team consisting of jazz enthusiasts Ronald Blom and Robbert Coops, radio maker and columnist Paul Waayers and audio engineer and reviewer Marnix Bosman.

Jazz at the Club is een initiatief van een team bestaande uit de jazzliefhebbers Ronald Blom en Robbert Coops, radiomaker en columnist Paul Waayers en audiotechnicus en recensent Marnix Bosman.

African American Jazz Caucus

The African American Jazz Caucus, Inc., is dedicated to protecting, preserving and perpetuating the rich cultural heritage and legacy of jazz, which is one of our indigenous musical art forms. Accentuating Its Roots from Mother Africa which has evolved and developed Global Fruits.

Bill Warfield

A dynamic and innovative composer, bandleader and trumpeter, Bill Warfield has energized audiences, performers and writers for more than four decades.

Tyto nahrávky jsou oslavou formativních hudebních zážitků skladatele. Obě skupiny provádějí jazzové výběry na základě žánrů funk, latinského jazzu a hard bopu, všechny uspořádané Warfieldem.

Philippe Crettien (France and Tunisia)

Philippe Crettien born in the South of France, son of French diplomats grew up mostly in North Africa, USA and England. Raised in a musical family was exposed at a young age to an eclectic styles of music.

Flora Purim (Brazil)

Arturo Sandoval (Cuba)

Elan Trotman (Barbados)

Saxophonist Elan Trotman, has quickly become one of jazz’s most thrilling and emotive performers as he continues to stand out and push boundaries as a composer, performer, teacher, and recording artist.

Monty Alexander (Jamaica)

Anat Cohen (Israel)

Carlos Odria (Peru)

Peruvian-born guitarist Carlos Odriahas been described as a "breathtakingly talented musician...with an immense technical skill" (Worcester Telegram) and as a "guitar wizard" (Gamble Rogers Fest). His original compositions and arrangements of jazz standards and Latin American tunes deliver an exciting blend of international styles.

Lazslo Gardoni (Hungary)

Angiolo Tarocchi (Italy)

Born 1957, Angiolo Tarocchi is a composer, arranger, conductor, double bass player, producer and educator.

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